Notifyy McNotifyFace

A simple, stupid Node-based notification service for Telegram.

Request an url and get a message on Telegram, it's that simple.

Setting up

The only setup you need is a token for each user you want to send messages to.
To get yours, just talk to @MessageRelayBot on Telegram.
It should respond with a token.


Send a request to with TOKEN replaced with the token you got. If everything is working as intended you should get a message.

There's also a node module.


To prevent spamming users, a unique message can only be sent once every hour.
This behaviour can be disabled by passing cache as false

Available parameters

Key Method Required Type
title GET & POST YES (if no message) string
message GET & POST YES (if no title) string
users GET & POST YES string
url GET & POST NO url-encoded string
code POST NO See special note
notification GET & POST NO boolean
cache GET & POST NO boolean

Sending to multiple users

To send to multiple users just add the key multiple times. E.g ?title=Hello&users=*TOKEN1*&users=*TOKEN2*

Sending code

If you want to post code you need to encode it correctly.

After that you send it as a POST request with a application/json body with a single property, code.

Message formatting

Every message is sent in "markdown_mode". This means that you can use the basic markdown functionaltiy of telegram to format your messages.

*bold text*
_italic text_
`inline fixed-width code`
pre-formatted fixed-width code block

Response codes

Code Meaning
204 Got a request and a message has been sent to the specified user(s)
400 Got a request without a valid user or without both title and message